Custom for Kara D.

Custom for Kara D.

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EARRINGS - Use customer-supplied Garnets
RING - Use customer-supplied Blue Topaz
Necklace - Use customer-supplied Blue Topaz


EARRINGS - Use customer-supplied Blue Topaz stones
EARRINGS - Use customer-supplied Garnets

The sketches, below, are the ones agreed upon at the Westchester Commons Craft Show in December 2021.  

As a reminder, there are no guarantees that customer-supplied stones will not break/be harmed in the setting process.  I cannot be held liable in the unlikely event that they are unsalvageable.  If damage does occur, I will help the customer source a similar stone.

Work is organic in nature and may vary from the sketches.

All work is estimated to be done for $350.00.  This does not include any unforeseen issues/material costs.  Any additional costs will be submitted to the customer for approval before more work is done.

Once the form and deposit ($175.00) are received, all expected materials will be ordered.  I aim to complete all work within a two-week period from the time I receive the ordered materials.

By submitting the deposit, you agree to these terms.